Linux images are impossible to download.
Not to add fuel to the fire, but it is not necessarily his internet connection. The OP is correct in indicating that large file downloads (specifically releases) are occasionally flakey. I (in Australia, not the UK) only have issues with downloading from github - nowehere else, but it is intermittent. I offset this issue by using aria2, usually with 4 connections (-x4) and when I got the 403 errors from github I just run the download again to let aria2 resume and finish. Often in my case it fails in the last 1-2%, so it only takes a coulpe of seconds to finish then.

As far as the bunch of links provided, I would question the relevance of some of them, as git-lfs and other git releated issues are nothing to do with the releases hosting provided via Amazon Web Services.

However, I strongly agree with Luke. Images which are considered stable and ready for use are also hosted by pine64 themselves. The 'pre-release' images from ayufan can be considered alpha/development/testing releases, and the 'release' images from ayufan can be considered beta images.

If your problem is accessing the rockpro64 images, I would be willing upload a select few to my VPS over in Amsterdam and give links for HTTP download and might try seeing if I can get torrent hosting going. Tell me which of the images you want (strech, bionic, minimal, mate, omv, etc) and I'll download and mirror them. I'll only do a few as whilst network bandwidth isn't an issue (unmetered 200Mbit), storage is Wink

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