Linux images are impossible to download.
Quote:(Pine64)'s  responsibility to provide a reliable download source

There is a very reliable server for stable and end-user ready OS images (labeled release). Pre-release images, some of which do not work, shouldn't be distributed to end-users for obvious reasons.
Also, just to make it clear, all images from ayufan are community builds and at the time of writing pre-release/ alpha images.

Quote:It does appear to be a geographic problem,  which I in the UK am suffering from suffering badly

Strange, I live in London and never had any problems. Same goes for other people in the community on the isles.
Quote:I can appreciate that eventually you will move the Linux isos to a Pine64 site for downloading,  which would cure the problem but when?

When there is a stable release image, so we don't have a bunch of people whining about something not working.

Quote:[I was] anticipating that I would have access to the iso files as required during development but this is proving not to be the case. I do not want to have to wait for a year until you have a production release

Two things. As I mentioned, hardly PINE64's fault that you cant download the images from GIT. Second, I think that you'll see a stable release within a month or so, not a year. Please do appreciate that the board has been out just for 2 weeks (and the devs had literally that long time to get it working). Images are hardly production-ready.

Quote:[could] ayufan upload his pre-release iso's to aile storage/ download site as well as to git hub, I am sure it would not break pine 64's bank to pay for a few gigs

You'd have to ask ayufan (chat icon at the very top of site) but I doubt it. Also, nothing to do with server space or money, as explained earlier.

Hope this clears things up. Regardless, I am happy to upload an image for you to google drive for testing - which one do you need ?  Again, do keep in mind these are pre-release images and may not even boot.
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