Linux images are impossible to download.
(06-02-2018, 05:07 AM)superpat Wrote: Hi,

Today, Saturday morning, I cannot successfully download any images from the github ayufan directory.

Using LInux mint, Firefox with S3 download manager addon.

Download starts, runs for short time, then hangs.  I can resume it several times, maybe getting to 40-50% then down ceases and is CANCELLED by external event, not me!

This forces complete restart.  I have run through my IP's data allowance several times over trying to get one iso complete!




I just fetched 3 images from ayufan's git just fine the its something wrong on your end. Also, what does PINE64 have to do with it ? :Smile Once there is a release (stable image) it'll get added into the wiki and installer. Until then you can test pre-releases as they get pushed to git.
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