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RockPro64 Case 2x3.5" HDDs and 2x2.5 HDDs
[edit 04/07/2017] The ROCKPro64 case is now available in the store.

I am attaching pictures of prototype NAS / Desktop/ Server (or whatever you're making) case for the RockPro64. Just in case you're wondering, the production version will come with matching black screws making it look neat. Once I know the exact dimensions I'll edit this post.

As for availability of the case, it should be available sooner than you might think - probably around the time the second batch of boards ship later this month.

Its a hefty - as in actually quite heavy and really sturdy - metal case with ionized black finish. Its genuinely high quality.  It has an internal mount for 4 HDDs inside: 2x3.5" HDDs and 2x2.5 HDDs as well as a bracket for a 120mm fan. You will obviously need the PCIe SATA card sold in the Pine64 store to attach the drives. There will be a way to power those drives too - work is being on that right now (again, once I know more I'll update the thread).

There are cutouts for the USB 2.0 / 3.0 and C ports as well as GbE, HDMI, AUX jack, Power Jack, Power/ Reset buttons and PCIe cards. So, in theory you could add more storage of other high speed I/O stuff via USB 3.0 and C. In the back of the case, at the top, there are also 3 additional cutouts for BT and WiFi antennas.


[Image: UdVp2Qu.jpg]

[Image: WSTUkJp.jpg]

As always, feedback and reactions are very welcome!

[03/06/2018 edit]: I am editing in a few renders of how the case will look populated with HDDs, the board itself and the fan:

[Image: sDsrHVX.jpg]

[Image: FHLJCZ2.jpg]

[Image: VaSHegO.jpg]

[Image: t4YRble.jpg]

(edit 2018-07-03, pfeerick, photo of production case with silkscreen from pine64 twitter feed)
[Image: DgzK8teW4AIFY8h.jpg:large]

[edit 03/07/2018] case dimensions:

[Image: JPfdNFk.jpg]
[Image: xNNc6A8.jpg]
[Image: NTYTq2I.jpg]
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