Linux for Rockpro64
(05-21-2018, 05:51 AM)superpat Wrote: Hi

My Rockpro64 is in transit!, will not be long now, unless it languishes in UK customs.

Looking at this forum and the Wiki, I cannot find anything on a Linux system.

As  it is a new system, I suppose that we will have to compile our own kernel.   I have had a look at the Rockchip git pages.  There is a LOT of info there, it will be a severe learning curve to  read, understand and pick out the apposite  parts!

It would be very nice if Pine could add a quick tutorial on what is the best build environment, Rockchip have a good page:-

Is this the way to go? or is there a better document.

I am extremely rusty on kernel config and compilation, the last time I did it in anger was  years ago on Slack version 0.98  on a dozen 3.5inch floppies !!

as I say, a steep relearning curve.



ayufan's board is held hostage by DHL. Once he gets the board it shouldn't be long before we get the same Linux images as those available on the Rock64.

Should we #releaseayufansboard @DHLexpress ? Wink
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