Kodi + Docker - what are the image options for Rock64 to support this?
Hi All,

I had rock64 for over 6 moths now, and thanks to the LibreELEC image I was able to achieve the desired use case:
  1. Kodi as the media player
  2. Samba/NAS
  3. Docker (via the Kodi plugin) to run multiple dockerized services (openHAB, mosquitto, syncthing, deluge). 
Things have been pretty stable. I even managed to spin down all the 3 attached disks when idle.

However, it still seems that the LibreELEC release is going to take some time to get an official release (I refer to this post).

So, apart from LibreELEC, is there any other alternative that would support the Kodi + Docker use case?



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