tftpboot: efi_load_pe: Invalid DOS Signature
(05-17-2018, 11:24 AM)wirr Wrote: ## Starting EFI application at 02000000 ...
efi_load_pe: Invalid DOS Signature
## Application terminated, r = 9223372036854775806

It sounds like there is something wrong with the initial pxe boot stuff... maybe it's grabbing the pxelinux.0 file and it shouldn't be, since it can't run dos executables? (clutching at straws here).

I have currently broken my pxe boot stuff, as I was testing something out, and haven't bothered fixing it back up, else I'd be able to copy in my config.

I did document how I had the menu set up and where some of the files came from, but not the full setup. But I basically cobbled something together from these two articles...

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