/dev/uinput missing

I'm trying to load the Xbox controller driver that I compiled through packer, but I'm having trouble getting it to run because /dev/uinput is missing. I know the uinput module has been part of the kernel for some time now, so it isn't just a case of running 'modprobe uinput'.

Does anyone have a way of getting this to work?
OK, so I managed to get this in a somewhat working state. The issue was that there were 2 lines missing from longsleep's kernel config:


This has now been fixed upstream. Rather than swap out the kernel, I recompiled with these lines and extracted the module myself. Then I moved it to /lib/modules/`uname -r`/, ran depmod, and then modprobe. It seems to work, although the xboxdrv service is core dumping. I'll keep looking at it, but hopefully this might help someone else with the same issue before the next release is available.
Hello everyone, I'm using pine a64 and installing retroarch, everything smooth but when i connect xbox 360 controller its keep blinking even i installed the driver using this command sudo apt-get instal

Any help?

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