Debian to eMMC?
(05-04-2018, 12:59 PM)Hoerli Wrote: Hello!
I am the proud owner of a new ROCK64
I have already tried Android and would like to install a "normal" system on the ROCK.

Currently there is only Xenial Mate for the eMMC chip.
This is currently running, but not really stable / good.
It hangs when you update. So I had to reinstall the system 4 times.
Is there an easy way to get e.g. Debian on the eMMC chip?
So far I only found a manual with a console cable, but I don't own one.

Hope there will be a good possibility to install e.g. Linux Mint soon. To be honest, I also like the Cinnamon surface more than mate.

Define normal? What is your use-case for the board (I assume desktop?). Have you looked in ayufan's git ? - I suggest using the LXDE pre-release build. Then there's the WIP Armbian which comes with XFCE. I think that Cinnamon is quite heavy-duty for a board like this, but you could just install it yourself on bionic.
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