gcc-multilib on ayufan's builds
(05-03-2018, 11:46 PM)kai Wrote: Hi,
I am not familiar with the Tellbus/Tellstick binding myself - what is telldus-core that you are trying to compile?
As far as I can see from the sources, the binding does not require any native parts, it merely uses JNA (which should be readily available for all platforms).
Wrt how to compile armhf on a 64-bit OS, I do not have an answer either - the simplest way might be to simply do this job on an 32-bit OS and copy the result over :-).

Oh, what a nice surprise seeing you here, kai Tongue

Telldus-core are some libraries and executables from Telldus that the binding needs installed and running on the server to work, and it needs to be in the correct bitness. See this thread for more info on that subject. I actually tried compiling them on my old 32-bit server and copying the executables over, but they turned out not to be working anyway since the old server is Debian 8 and the new one is Debian 9 so the executables are linked to wrong version of stuff like libconfuse.

The best thing from my perspective would be to run everything in 64 bits, but I read through this thread and came to the conclusion that it doesn't, though I don't understand the details. Tried to revive the thread, you're welcome to comment on that Wink

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