Boot Problems, LEDs lit continuously
(05-13-2018, 05:07 PM)Rocklobster Wrote: I guessed that with your unusual led activity the problem was terminal as far as the board was concerned. I assume the manufacturer has taken this this on board and maybe that strange led activity is in fact a failed POST report.

Good luck with your replacement.

Depends on what you mean by 'strange'... since by default, even with no boot medium, the green light will always come one when you connect power since it is a power present indicator, and the white and red leds also are on by default. And generally none of the images control the led, although I'm told one of the exceptions to that is some of the 'artful' images.

Due to the nature of SBCs, it's hard to diagnose problems without having access to the serial console, and being able to ensure that good SD cards are being used (and the write is being verified) and that a good power supply is used. Then we can start pointing the finger at the board - which it seems Facecreator was finally able to do. As soon as that happens, I don't see the pine64 guys having any issues replacing the board as long as some basic diagnostic steps are taken to ensure it isn't a user or environment specific problem. It's the unfortunate nature of ARM systems... they're temperamental and not as easy to use an x86 based platform. It would be a bit easier if the SPI chip was flashed in the factory since the rock64 (and sopine and pine64 LTS) has it by default (unless it is now) and people were basically forced to also get a serial console cable - then you can always go "connect the serial console to your rock64, plug the usb into your computer, use putty|minicom|etc and connect to serial console, apply power to rock64, do you get any output -> yes, then the card is the likely problem -> no, the board is dead on arrival"

I'll stop ranting on now Big Grin Angel

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