[SOLVED] stuck at emmc
(04-29-2018, 11:59 AM)dr_dre Wrote: yes i used a FTDI232 to do the job .


Ah, from your print log, it looks like your SPI Flash was corrupt. And you've since worked out how to disable the SPI flash (my apologies, I was talking about the eMMC jumper before, I missed the reference to SPI flash ;0 during boot by grounding the output from it (connecting 21 to 20)... reminds me, I have to check, 23 -> 25 *should* work also, and means you can use a standard jumper then also! Smile Did you just erase the SPI? As you can still boot from SD and eMMC if the bootloader has been written to SPI, it just doesn't work well if it's corrupt!

And btw, have a look for "Serial console cable" if you want to make your life a bit easier... it plugs directly in to the rock64 headers with no need for extra leads or exposed circuit boards. Wink

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