Looking to Trade Pinebook for Laptop / Possibly Sell
I've had my Pinebook since July of last year, but haven't been using it as much as I thought I would.  About the same time I started keeping a coral reef tank in my living room that has occupied most of my free time (and money) since then.  The reason I'm proposing a trade is that I will be adding a controller to the aquarium to monitor parameters and will need a more capable computer to handle the motoring/software.  

I figured this might be a win win for both of us.  I have a 14" Pinebook with 16 GB eMMC that has seen maybe 15 hours of use since I received it.  The screen has one dead pixel (it arrived like that from the factory) but other than that is in great condition.  I already have four 8-12 year old laptops running Mint, so I don't need any more of those  Big Grin  If you have something you might be interested in trading shoot me a message with some specs and your location and we can go from there.  I'll entertain cash offers as well if nobody bites on the trade (I do still need to buy the aquarium controller as well).  

I'm located in the US in Philadelphia and could meet locally or ship.  I can provide pictures upon request as well as proof of purchase.
What's your price+shipping to 97215?

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