Possibly Dead Board?
(04-03-2018, 06:34 PM)tllim Wrote: Most of fan power is 12V and for sure will kill the board when plug in wrongly :-(

Thank you. I was assuming that's the case, but wanted to validate I couldn't have put it into some type of (scute the analogy) special mode like with iPhons flashing in DFU mode. I know it won't snap out of it until it's had a specific scenario applied. 

Just to be sure here, I am talking about plugging the fan lead cable into the PINs on the board vs having the pins on the board plugged into other random pins. So the power I thought would be generated from the board going to the fan, vs the fan actually producing power, and causing a short. If anything I was thinking it was more in line with potentially jumping 2 pins that shouldn't be, that are close to the fan pins.

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