Possibly Dead Board?
(04-03-2018, 10:59 AM)1activegeek Wrote: Hi all, new to the forums here. I've had a Pine64 long running with OpenHAB. Recently something happened and I needed to put it on battery power. So I pulled it off it's nice shelf, and hooked it up with battery power. No issues. However, I do have a fan that came with the case. It plugged onto one of the pin sets to provide a fan over the SOC for cooling. When on battery power, it was looking to pull too much juice, so I disconnected it.

When I was done doing what I needed on battery power, I went to put things back together. I believe I may have plugged the fan power into a wrong pin set. Upon restart I was not able to get anything of use and I heard a funny noise and saw the fan start then stop immediately. Now it seems, when I attempt plugging this Pine into any power, I just get a solid red power LED and nothing else happens. No video output plugged into HDMI, No Ethernet connectivity, and no apparent signs of life.

What I'm curious of, is it possible I've somehow blown something in the board by putting the fan into the wrong pins? Or is it possible I've somehow triggered some special boot mode I don't understand? I'm just a bit lost as to what could cause this to not show any signs of life now. 

Hoping someone here might have some insight as to how I can fully validate or knows if its just simply possible and very plausible I've fried something.

Most of fan power is 12V and for sure will kill the board when plug in wrongly :-(

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