Boots, but won't recognize keyboard
I have one of the original Pine64 boards that works perfectly -- even with this keyboard, just as background.

I just received 2 brand new Pine-64 LTS boards and have 2 problems:

1) Can't boot the same image as the older board and I can't find a way to 'convert' the image to be able to use it. So I burned a new card.
2) New card boots just fine. I get a 'pine64so login: ' prompt. But it does not recognize the keyboard input.

It's admittedly a Mac Keyboard, but the same keyboard works with the older Pine64. 

It's currently booted via battery since I didn't realize there was no more USB power in, and I neglected to order the 5v power supplies. 

Mac keyboards need a special driver to work on Linux, which image/kernel are you using at the moment?
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Actually, I dug up a generic keyboard, which doesn’t work either. It seems that the usb interface is dead on this board.
Which image are you using?
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Solved. There was a loose solder joint on the USB hub connecting to the board.

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