Python GPIO Library for the Rock64 (R64.GPIO)
Hi everyone,
I came across the library while trying to work with gpio on rock64 in python.
However, I couldn't use the library due to licensing issue (yes, it is a commercial prototype) and the add_event_detect()
feature was missing (to easily detect button press).

So, I reimplemented the R64.GPIO as a seperate repo in github ( In my testing the initial results are good enough as it consumes very little cpu cycle to detect the key press event (no busy wait).

Right now if you want to do GPIO input output with event_detect() the library is able to handle them pretty good. I am still missing many feature as I never used RPi.GPIO (as my C skills >>>> my python skills).

Right now, PWM is not implemented.
For Pull Up/Down, right now the default settings are used (whatever it is initialized to) and will fix it as soon as I can enable it in the hardware.

Any feedback from you guys are appreciated and will be used to improve the library (as I will have the rock64 for quite some time).

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