Flashing full image to eMMc with a mSD card to eCMM adapter
I failed to order the Pine USB Adapter for eMMC Module when ordering my Rock64.
Due to the shipping rate to Europe, ordering it later from Pine was  not an option.

So I turned to the Odroid microSD to eMMc adapter sold by Amazon at a more reasonable shipping rate.

Using Win32DiskImager, I uploaded the 32 GB microSD Bionic full image I have been using to my Windows 10 PC .
I then formatted (Full Erase (which failed), then Quick Erase) the Pine 64 GB eMMc (using the microSD adapter fitted into an SD adapter) with SDFormatter.
Last, I used Etcher to flash the Bionic image back to the eMMC card (using the same setup).
Pressing the eMMC in position on the Rock64, booting went without a hitch. ..
BTW, you immediately notice that boot time is reduced...

PS I used gparted to fill the 64GB module...

I plan to buy a Rock64 for using it with ubuntu on an eMMC module. I wonder what do i need to flash Ubuntu on the eMMC:

- an eMMC-USB adapter found here  https://www.pine64.org/?product=usb-adap...mmc-module and then use PINE64 installer and then plug the eMMC module on the Rock64


-  an eMMC-µSD + USB-µSD-reader (like the one indicated by pytheas)  and then use PINE64 installer and then plug the eMMC module on the Rock64

or something else? no needs to transfer ubuntu fro µSD to eMMC as i was able to read it sometimes?

The adapter is very useful at the moment because allows you to flash any OS image you want. However, ayufan is working on making it easier to install his images to eMMC without the adapter.

Regardless, I feel that everyone should get it just to sparethemselves the trouble of flashing eMMC the hard way.
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