ip link error and loading module sch_netem
A comedy of distros
I can get armbian and dietpi to do the 'ip link set up'  to work but I can't get the hdmi to work
I can get the hdmi to work on the ayufan images but I keep getting the error

RTNETLINK answers :No such file or directory

when trying to bring up the wifi interface (not an issue on the other two distos.)

So seeing as I can't get the hdmi working on those two distos (and I must as I can't always ssh to complete my project) I need to get the ayufan image working with my usb wifi adapter.

So apparently I need to get this sch_netem module loaded.  It seems I can and the lsmod shows it is there but I can't get it to persist.

How does one go about persisting kernal modules (assuming the modprobe loads the module ok)??

see this

In general the ayufan image is 'minimal' so I imagine I might have to enable more modules so basically my question is how to do this and in particular for the sch_netem module

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