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various hardware for sale
02/25/18 i'm selling some of my pine64 hardware. all of the hardware is in good working condition. none of it has been used on a continuous basis, i generally cycle the hardware through 2 weeks to a month periods of use. some of the hardware has seen very little use. each piece is priced at 45% - 55% of retail price. i'd like to restrict sale to the lower 48 states of the U.S. simply because of shipping costs/time/tracking of the packages. shipping on the lower 48 states will cost $6. i will ship usps priority so the $6 covers just a portion of the total cost but i'll cover the additional amount. if buyer wants different shipping then that ship charge might vary. if interested buyer outside of u.s. is willing to cover complete cost of shipping & risk of loss then i'll try to work it out.  i've been with the pine64 boards/hardware since kickstarter , plan to continue but want to cycle into the newer hardware so i'm trimming some of what i currently have to make way for the newer stuff. each of the items for sale is in working order however buyer must realize that the same crap that happens to new hardware from pine64 will also happen with this hardware so people that have experience with & understand how to debug issues that are sometimes bound to happen with the install and initial operations of the hardware are the best candidates to buy, others should become familiar with issues that might happen and how to work through the issues prior to purchasing. it is important that a buyer who has no previous experience in how to setup/operate pine64 products needs to educate themselves on issues that might occur with a user doing first time operation. if you are not willing to work through the issues that are well known to happen with new pine64 products then do not buy any of these items. buyers must show that they have attempted to resolve problems. generally no returns however if buyer reports issues in this thread and attempts to resolve by posting the issue to the forum and a solution is not found the buyer is responsible for returning the item shipping paid in the same condition [not damaged] via a trackable method. by purchasing any item you are acknowledging you agree to these conditions of purchase.  payment is by usps money order sent to the address i will provide at order time, you can send cash if you want but i advise against that. paypal is a ripoff these days so that is not possible. although i have not used ebay for some time you might find a rating fo me under , djk! i have used swappa.com most recently selling phone & tablets and id. was Douglas K. there but not sure if you can search on a seller try this link https://swappa.com/user/CVQ239/profile Thank you for reading. [3/25/18 edit: although i thought this listing was pretty clear it seems a question came about if there was a power supply with any of the boards. the is no. no power supply was listed as with any the boards. no power supply comes with any of the boards. thanks]
2 pine64 A64 2GB boards $13.00ea.
1 pine64 sopine baseboard/module combo $15.75 
1 pine64 wifi/bluetooth module w/antenna $4.50
1 7" LCD touchscreen panel  $19.80
1 pine64 5Megapixel camera module $5.85
1 pine64 POT I2C multiport board $8.10
1 pine64 POT development board $5.00
2 padi breakout w/padi $1.15ea
1 rock64 4GB board [no emmc] $24.75

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