Changing android build.props

I would like to use a touch screen I bought off aliexpress, but unfortunately, the input is rotated by 90 degrees. Rotating the image does not solve the issue - input rotates with it.
I have tried changing the build.props rotation to 90, but unfortunately it works just like regular rotation, input rotates as well.

In the android docs, I have found:

Definition: touch.orientationAware = 0 | 1

Specifies whether the touch device should react to display orientation changes.

If the value is 1, touch positions reported by the touch device are rotated whenever the display orientation changes.

If the value is 0, touch positions reported by the touch device are immune to display orientation changes.

The default value is 1 if the device is a touch screen, 0 otherwise.

Since this is not in the build.props file, I have added this entry on my own, but unfortunately, ROCK64 will not boot after this change

Could anyone point me to some guide or something that could help me (open my eyes) on how to achieve this?

I am using the regular ROCK64 distro, since I have to use it from SDCard (still waiting for my emmc) and ayufan's android will not boot from sdcard for me.

Thank you
if touch is controlled by usb then you should have a config file to set the location.
(02-23-2018, 12:53 PM)dkryder Wrote: if touch is controlled by usb then you should have a config file to set the location.

Could you provide a bit more details?
I have simply plugged it and it worked without the need to install anything.
How could this file be named?

When I connect the device, I can see in dmesg, that it is detected and it uses the

hid-multitouch input,hiddev0,hidraw3: USB HID v2.00 Mouse [Touch Device ....] on usb-ff5d0000.usb-1/input0

still I am not sure where I could modify the settings.

I've found

will give it a try, sounds reasonable Smile

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