Buying Advice to Use as a NAS
Hi all,

I've been reading this thread with interest as I'm currently trying to cram in information to decide between the Rock64 and Odroid XU4 to turn my TerraMaster D5-300 into a NAS (link) using OMV...... I'm siding more with the Rock64 at the moment (4gb???) but thought I'd need to explain exactly what I was trying to do in order to get some proper advice.

End result is to use it as an rsync backup destination or a Synology NAS aswell as a SMB/AFP/SSH backup destination for a Mac running ChronoSync.

Is the Rock64 the right choice and what model would I need? As for suppliers to the UK, order direct from ?


The video drivers are what the ROCK64 is missing so it should be OK as a NAS.
crypto is faster than the XU4.
the file system support might be more limited due to 4.4 vs 4.14
Thanks, posted up on the openmediavault forum and ultimately placed an order for a Rock64 today.

Though when it arrives - from what ive read could be anyones guess. Im hoping shipping has improved in recent months, the facebook page isnt full of good comments. Im yet to dig around on the forum.


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