RockPro64 and Pine H64 Discussion Thread
Yeah they are 120€ from the RK store.

Mecool do an RK3399 dev board for 4gb/32gb for 145€

96Rocks are supposed to be bringing out a board also

In fact there are a plethora of RK3399 offerings from Chromebooks, Dev boards to TV boxs.

The one thing on the RockPro64 is that standard PCI-E x4 slot and that is really interesting as mentioned in
Also the NPU for AI purpose even if I have to admit I dont have the foggiest.

The RK3399 has always been the platform to land on as I have been edging my bets that it will garner wider adoption.
The Google OP1 colab with Rockchip to create the RK3399 was an immense kickstart and if it gets the economies of sale we might see costs come down drastically.

Looking forward to what Pine64 will do and how Android, Linux & Chromium could become an option backed by economies & development of scale.

Extremely interested in the RockPro64 not so much in the Pine H64 but price and when still needs to be announced.
Also like how its modular and offsetting cost onto daughter boards is a really good idea.

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