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I pushed yet another variant of my builds. The latest one `xenial-containers` is a container ready image that has:
Docker Community Edition / Docker Compose / Kubernetes Admin tools.

It allows you to easily play in single-node setups with just Docker Engine, as well as multi-node setups using either Docker Swarm or Kubernetes Engine.

These images have tools preinstalled so simply follow the generally available tutorials for configuring `docker swarm` and `kubeadm init`.

As for GUI for Docker the best is It will work well on these images: There is an ARM64 binary that you have to install!

Let me know what you think about this variant. Keep in mind that since this is ARM32/ARM64 it will only run these images! It will not run AMD64 which is a majority of the internet for Docker. It is possible to run AMD64 on Rock64 via qemu-static with preloaded binaries, but... it will be terribly slow and believe me you don't want to do it.

I'm also working on bringing RancherOS for PXE booting. It works already, but it is still not pre-release ready. It will be ideal for centrally managed (NFS?) setups with a lot of Rocks/or-SoPines.

As always, latest pre-release is here:!

Rock/Pro 64/Pinebook Pro: LinuxChromium OS
So/Pine A64/Pinebook: LinuxAndroid 6.0Android 7.1

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Thanks ayufan, more things to try :-)
Come have a chat in the Pine IRC channel >>
Hi ayufan, I currently have s Pi3 running Debian Stretch headless with Docker running multiple containers for a Media Server (Transmission, Plex, etc) and all tooling for monitoring (Grafana / Prometheus, etc).

I'm planning on building a Kubernetes (or Swarm) cluster with 3 ARM devices at first and Rock64 fits perfectly due to it's amount of memory.

My question is if I use your Stretch image, am I able to get all Stretch packages (docker, etc) from official repositories or do I need to complile everything myself? Can I keep them updated just with apt-get update / dist-upgrade. If yes, is it automatic or do I need to enable something?

Thanks for your great work!
Another question, I already have some container images compiled for the Raspberry Pi, will they work on the Rock64 with either Stretch or Xenial?
I have been banging my head for a while as I cannot seem to make the Docker Swarm networking (overlay and mesh) to work properly. I have 7 node (4 RPi and 3 Rock64) setup where the services deployed on Rock64 don't seem to be able to reach services running on different Rock64 nodes. but I don't have the same problem with RPis. for example, MariaDB running on one of the Rock64 nodes cannot be connected by Php running on a different Rock64 node.

Another issue is the service orchestration doesn't work for Rock64. For example, Visualizer is running on . (nodes are assigned .60 to .66). I can reach the webUI if I try the port 8080 on RPi IPs. But if I try hitting any of the Rock64 nodes even including .62, I get "Connection Refused".

I'm deducing that it has to do with the OS on Rock64 and have tried all Linux variations available including the container variant mentioned here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm not quite sure where to look at from here.

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