How to get & compile Android 5.1 for Pine A64-LTS
(12-28-2017, 01:03 AM)spbrain Wrote: Hello,

I tested android 6.0 but hdmi output display still 1 min delayed. 
And I think it seem to be not stable.

So I tested android 5.1 and it works that I wanted.

Then I want to get android 5.1 PINE64-LTS source, but i could not find infomation about source of android 5.1(PINE64-LTS, SOPINE)

How to get & compile Android 5.1 for PINE64-LTS ?
(I want 1.1 stable version same as download image site "")

I visited "" but DEPRECATED
The PINE A64 and PINE A64-LTS source are the same.

if you interest to compile the Android 5.1, here is the original source:

please note that the PINE A64-LTS and PINE A64 different is the system memory configuration and just select LPDDR3 for PINE A64-LTS.

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