USB 3 2.5" SATA Case

I've just ordered my Rock64.  I have read on the armbian forums that the USB3 port can max out the Gig NIC which is great.  I was just wondering what USB 3 / 2.5 inch cases to look out for?  Is there a certain chipset I should look out for in the specs?

Ideally you'd want to get a USB 3.0 -> SATA using the JMS578, just like this one offered in the store
I have, however, used a few different USB 3.0 cases and (I feel I may get myself in trouble writing this) I honestly cannot see any difference in performance using a mechanical 2TB HDD. Better you read the tkaiser's post on the subject.
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I would like to find a case that I can put my 2.5" SATA HDD in.... There are so many out there. I did see that Armbian thread about the JM578, but hoped there are other chipset that also work well under USB 3.0

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