Pinebook using the Rock64?
What are the chances of a premium Pinebook using your Rock64 SBC design?

As I see it, there are several advantages to a Rock64-based design.

  1. Rocketchip has moved beyond binary blobs that Allwinner requires
  2. Larger RAM support (up to 4 GB)
  3. USB 3.0
  4. GPIO pins
  5. Uses the same pluggable eMMC storage modules as other Pine64 products
Another thought is that this could be a modular notebook which incorporates the actual Pine64 Rock64 with an adapter board for the display, keyboard, and the trackpad.

What do you think?
I'd buy it.
We are currently exploring into this path. Stay tuned.
like then it would better to put there rk3399, no? Big Grin

Quote:1. Rocketchip has moved beyond binary blobs that Allwinner requires
this is a non argument. this is zealotry for ones and the subject for stupid parroting for others. consumers give no sh!t about this.
but this is a lie too. Rockchip didn't even manage to supply full Manuals. Open the RK3328 manual and what you'll see? UART and GPIO. and that's all! this is a joke. Not even eMMC controller. Finally, since when Rockchip has opened its binary blobs with DRAM initiliazation? Did i miss something?
(01-16-2018, 12:03 AM)tllim Wrote: We are currently exploring into this path. Stay tuned.

Any chance for a H6 based version ? It seems to have almost everything a laptop need. Only thing it does need is a pmic, that supports battery (Reference axp805 does not).

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