How change keyboard layout on Debian LXDE ?

Can someone tell me where I can change the kayboard layout from QWERTY to a Belgian AZERTY layout on Debian LXDE ?

I have search all the settings and could not find any regarding country and keyboard layout.

Any help is welcome ;-)

Regards, G33RT
The keyboard file is read only and set attrib does not work as I have no permission.
Don't now how to get root access.

# Consult the keyboard(5) manual page.
Regards, G33RT
I have found out by myself, here is what I have done.
via command terminal set root password:

Quote:sudo passwd root

go to etc/default/
set attrib 775 to file keyboard

Quote:sudo chmod 775 keyboard

now you can change keyboard file with vi editor

Quote:sudo vi keyboard

change rule XKBLAYOUT="us to XKBLAYOUT="be"

exit vi with :q


your done!
Regards, G33RT

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