Hardware-Bugs: No HDMI->DVI-Output / Crashes upon Ethernet
hey folks,

yesterday I finally received my 2GB-Pine. So far, so nice. Since then I was able to boot RemixOS, but experienced some problems. First, the video output works with a HDMI2HDMI-cable connected to my TV, but not with a HDMI2DVI-cable which I need for my monitor. I checked the cable of course, it works perfectly with my Raspberry. Does anyone have a clue how to force the display output to work?

I'm also having trouble with the ethernet port, but I noticed that I'm not alone with this issue. The Pine crashes right after I plugged in an ethernet cable. So someone wrote about a possible workaround for this issue, but I couldn't find in on the forums. Can anyone provide me with a link? Thanks in advance!

btw: I noticed that some of you are still struggling to find the right power adapters and cables. I used an iPhone charger combined with the white micro-usb cable which came with my amazon kindle.

RemixOS has been installed via PhoenixCard installer. Just make sure that you checked the "startup"-box not the "product" one before you install the IMG-file.
(04-02-2016, 03:07 AM)Xyntec Wrote: not with a HDMI2DVI-cable

Known problem for H3, A83T and A64 when using BSP kernel. With kernel 3.4 you modify sysconfig stuff like this, for A64 it might require device tree modifications. You better ask in Linux Developer forum since longsleep might be the only here in this forum that has ever looked into the .dts deep enough Wink
Thanks mate!

Gna, OK. But at least the problem is being known. Smile

But I guess there ain't a pre-compiled img file I just need to write on a card, right?
The 2gb pine is currently having issues with a kernel panic happening with an ethernet cord plugged in. We've been talking about it over here: http://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?tid=376

Pages 4-7 contain the most relevant info. Longsleep thinks he has an idea on what it may be.

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