is the power indicator suppose to be blinking?
I m using one from, 5v3a
first time plugged in

initially all 3 led blinks
stats, pwer, and dc-in

today only the dc-in is blinking

this is with and without any sd/emmc plugged in.

so i m at a lost for word..
i received the board on 0ct 13, foudn i need power, so check locally and none car 5v3a (the 3a output was the problem, none carry here and highest i see for 5v is 1.2a)
i order one on oct 21, it just came last night.

using pine installer, etcher - for the sd card with image for debian and android stock 7.12, both does nothing (initially all 3 lights blinks - this is after waiting close to 20minutes.)

borrowed a usb-a male/male , jumpered it, and plug the emmc in, plug the power in (after installing driver )
and open android tool--- could not detect it.

right now if i plug in the power, i get a dc-in led blinking only.

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RE: is the power indicator suppose to be blinking? - by finae - 11-21-2017, 01:26 PM

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