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Build Image for Remix Mini
Jide decided to stop supporting the Remix Mini and Remix OS to focus on the commercial market. However, there are a lot of users who still own a Remix Mini, like myself (two actually), but I would like to run different OS builds. I've looked into the CPU and it the H64 which is an A64 with a few upgrades. The WiFi chip and the Power Management modules are the same. So, is there anyone who may be able to build a bootable SD Card image for it? It currently boots off of the eMMC module. I would be happy to do some testing with it. Or if someone could point me in a very good direction on building one myself.
Hi. This is a PINE64 forum and so the discussions concern PINE64 devices. I suggest you try your luck over at Jide's forums or reddit.
Best of luck.
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