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Android 7.1 reboot on Pine64 2GB
Apparently this is a well-kept, widely-known secret that I managed to find quite by accident: When Android 7.1 (Android 7.1 Community Image [v0.3.10-r66]) boots the first time it will ask you to update the superuser apps binary. DO NOT DO THIS. If you do update the binary, the board will NOT boot again. It will sit at the "bouncing balls" splash screen forever! The superuser app CAN be updated in the Play Store without a problem. Why this information is nowhere to be found on the downloads page is beyond me.
First of all you are in the Rock64 subsection ....
Secondly, how did you miss? - N.B. Do not update SudoSu - it breaks the installation - which is the only bit of bold red text in ayufan's original thread.
Lastly, I you feel something isn't explained ... have you seen this announcement

Thread moved.
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Sorry for the wrong location, and I don't know how I missed the notice. You can delete the thread.

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