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Hello everybody, 

I ve played arround with my RTLDUINO, but now I changed the bootimage but did not flash any sketch before. So it boots with some output on serial which ends up with hard fault error.
Is there a way to reset back to AT mode or flash some other firmware to it, in order to upload some sketch via Arduino to it?

Do I have to get some SWD and/or JTAG interface and when which one is the right. Can you help, please?

I got an NodeMCU RT-00 Board as mention here https://www.cnx-software.com/2017/01/04/10-rtlduino-is-an-arduino-compatible-wifi-iot-board-based-on-realtek-rtl8710af-wisoc/#comments

It has been shipped with the AT-Command based Firmware.

Google leads me to some Ameba-Boards and solutions for bulk RT-00 modules, but none for this NodeMCU Board. [Image: icon_question.gif] 

Can someone give me some advice how to start with this module?

Thanks in advance
i think this is one of those situations were it will cost you more to flash the broken one than getting a new rtlduino. but if you want the experience of getting the board back to clean state then the first thing you need to do is find a *.bin file. many times when working with devices before you start doing anything read the chip and write it somewhere safe in case you need it. but you might want to contact the rtlduino developers and tell them the situation and ask them for the file. you might be able to get a jtag or swd board on the cheap but i seem to remember a utility called flashrom that could work, maybe,
https://www.flashrom.org/Flashrom, or use the rtlduino tools. plus, this is a good howto on 8710 you should read it.

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