Your uses for the PineBook
What do you use your Pinebook for?  Is it to satisfy your curiosity for running different distributions of Linux or Android on a desktop.  Is it your Daily Driver?  Do you just use it take it to class and write notes?  Do you just want to have something you can brag about spending around $100 USD and actually works?  What software do you use daily?

I'm starting to use this as a daily driver for the light stuff.  I do most my personal computing sitting on the bed because that is the quietest room in the house but I'm not allowed to have a desk in that room.  Firing up the Pinebook with no cables is a lot easier than plugging in my new 17 inch gaming laptop.  No cables means I can move things around without worrying about dragging something off to the floor.  If I want to do something seriously power hungry like Second Life or Rocket League I will put up with the cables but for my daily activities this Pinebook is fine.

I use it for most of my web browsing.  I play an online web game and there are a few publicly available extensions for Chrome I use.  Since these extensions aren't available in the Chrome Store I have to delete and re-add the extensions on my Gaming laptop.  Chromium doesn't have the Chrome Store requirement so firing up the Pinebook to play my game is a lot faster.
I use the original Ubuntu MATE desktop.  I know they say there are other desktops that are faster but after recently retiring a 5 year old Windows 10 laptop this desktop works great.
I have started doing some of my Genealogical research using the PineBook and have GRAMPS installed.  It works just fine on this 16GB EMMC powered arm processor.  I can even print my worksheets on the wireless HP printer downstairs.
I just loaded GNUCASH.  I'm going to try and keep the checkbook balanced and GNUCASH works just fine so far.  I'll try connecting to the bank using OFX tonight but the QIF file I downloaded the other night loaded just fine.
I'm playing with some Programming utilities like GLADE and GEANY.  My programming project isn't terribly large right now and this tiny processor has no problems.

The only problems I have with MATE right now is trying to resize windows.  The window borders are really fine lines and trying to grab it to extend one edge of the window takes a lot of patience.  I should just maximize each window on it's own screen and just switch between desktops.
I use it mostly for web browsing in Ubuntu Mate with KDE Plasma desktop with all effects and animations turned off with Firefox 57 beta and it is surprisingly usable. I run Linux from original 16 GB eMMC.

Sometimes I translate KDE to my language using Lokalize and KdeSvn.

I miss working Spotify in Linux and the possibility to run some video with subtitles smoothly, also I miss the alternative of Popcorn Time in Linux. At least, all of this works in Android, I use Bliss OS from 32G Samsung EVO SD card. It is very slow, but it works.

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