Using ODROID 16x2 LCD kit on Rock64
I'm trying to port the ODROID 16x2 LCD kit to the Rock64. The LCD functions with GPIO pins. However, since GPIO on the ODROID and the Rock64 differ, I'm trying to port the pin system. The GPIO shield for the ODROID LCD is unnecessary for porting this since the P2 block on the LCD board itself has its own pin scheme. There are only 16 pins in this scheme (of which only 10 are used). See pictures below for layout details...

The P2 block on the LCD shield. This block directly powers the LCD. GPIO input shield is a different set of pins.

[Image: 5qsjQZDJndm7t4n0fktAwrzQaAezqEUvZ1ZvJh0C...80-h292-no]

The entire shield (notice the stacked boards). The pins on the green board directly control the LCD. The pin input information for the 16 pins on the green board are in the above image. "X" indicates the pin serves no purpose.
[Image: 2cl3lCwwyVB0sT-FlPvePeatVbgVB-f6pPYb5Yfl...80-h720-no]

Would this involve modifying the code for the ODROID LCD controller program? The code and installation instructions for the ODROID-C (I assume any C model ODROID board) can be found here (

I'm new to GPIO so any clarification regarding my understanding of the pin system are appreciated.


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