My Pinebook have been arrived, but cannot be charged
Dear Mark Hays Harris,

Thanks very much.pls confirm that,
1. now the battery is 72%, not have been just cannot be charged with 5V 3A AC100~240V AC connector. Don't I care the difference between EU Standard and Chinese standard on voltage?
2.does I need extra hardware such as ac connector to charge it?
3.Do you have photo or figures to show how to solve my problem?


4. as per instruction, remove battery connector, and then plug the connector , then wait for 15 minutes, then cycle, remove again, then plug at once again,.then wait for the 2nd time 15 minutes again, is that true?

5.And for future, each time, I will have to cycle my battery for 20 times when the battery is power off, How can I use pinebook with AC power instead of battery?

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RE: My Pinebook have been arrived, but cannot be charged - by mtmicrosystems - 10-17-2017, 10:36 PM

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