Make a netbook
So im considering buying the 4gb pine board to make a sort of a netbook out of it, and run Linux on it. seeing as how the pinebooks have less than stellar reviews, only have 2gb of ram it seems, and the keyboard seems to be pretty crappy. Has anyone done this? How is the performance?

My other concerns are, if I decide to abandon the project, I'd like to at least make a Kodi box, but from what I'm reading, Kodi is only possible if you install Android first. So that makes me want to go with a rpi 3 instead.... What are everyone's thoughts?

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As for the KODI box, there is a LibreELEC build for the Rock64 that performs massively better - in every respect - than the RPI 3.
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So has anyone made a netbook with one?

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I'd like to use something no smaller than a 10 " monitor.. but I'm afraid pricing all this out will just make it not worth it. Should I look for just an HDMI monitor or something else? Maybe use gpio pins or something , and leave the HDMI port for an external display.

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