Arcade Cabinet build
[Image: zPrPrRy.jpg]

Building a mini arcade cabinet is probably not what most people use their Pine A64 boards for, but as it turns out the board + LCD are a great basis if you want to build a mini cabinet. I started on this project some 2 months ago and I have finally finished it over the weekend. It is vaguely inspired by Neo Geo cabinets but I took the creative liberty of using a Japanese Sanwa joystick instead of the american type joysticks. I also used buttons with white LEDs rather than multicoloured ones seen on real Neo Geo cabs. I also designed the art for it - so its hardly Neo Geo accurate... 

The inside is a total mess right now - I will tidy it up once I have all the software stuff worked out. 

On the subject of software, the cabinet will eventually run Retroarch on a minimal ubuntu image that pfeerick and I put together earlier this year. Right now the outstanding issue is getting the LCD to work with mali+drm enabled, but everything else works as intended. So as you can see in the picture above, right now its running android. 

I will be bringing it to FOSDEM 18 (granted we get a stall) so if you will be attending make sure to drop by toplay some Metal Slug X or Street Fighter 2. 
I must say I am pretty darn pleased with it Smile Feel free to let me know what you think.

For those who want to see some pictures from the build they can be found here.
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Dude !!

... very impressive , nice work !

marcushh777    Cool

please join us for a chat @   or ssl

( I regret that I am not able to respond to personal messages;  let's meet on irc! )
(10-02-2017, 06:52 PM)MarkHaysHarris777 Wrote: Dude !!

... very impressive , nice work !


Thanks! Smile
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Since the original post I made a few modifications to the mini arcade (reflected in the picture in first post of this thread). Some were aesthetic, such as I making the front of the arcade much neater by masking off some of my 'crimes', and making the marquee look neat. Others were much more practical, such as adding a volume wheel and buttons to the back, and rewiring the inside of the box. 

I updated the link with pictures to show off some of the recent modifications if any of you want some inspiration for your arcade projects Smile  

I also allowed friends to have a go at it ... 

[edit: no clue what the video is in such a terrible quality .. oh well, you get the gist ] 
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That is awesome, Luke!!
(11-20-2017, 06:27 AM)clarkss12 Wrote: That is awesome, Luke!!

Cheers, glad you like it Smile
You can find me on IRC, Discord and Twitter

please add potenciometer for tempest

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