USB splitter?
Hi, I'm not an expert when it comes to computers, and I'm completely new to SBC's. What I want to know is if there's any way to split/expand the number of USB ports on the Rock64. I see the wired, USB keyboard for the Rock64 in the Pine store advertises that it has two additional USB ports (although it would add only one net port, obviously), so I figure if the keyboard can contain two additional ports, then it must be possible to add a USB port or two to the Rock64 without having to tether it a full-sized, wired keyboard. I don't want to add that kind of bulk, but if I add the Bluetooth keyboard, the WiFi, the IR remote, etc. I'm worried I'll have too few USB ports.
Any recommendations?
It's called USB hub. You can look for it at Amazon or google for it.
(09-25-2017, 07:22 PM)rontant Wrote: It's called USB hub. You can look for it at Amazon or google for it.

Oh, a regular USB hub will work with a Rock64?
Of course ...  Wink
(09-26-2017, 08:51 AM)martinayotte Wrote: Of course ...  Wink

Great! Thanks!
If you plan to use USB hub for external hard disks, make sure it is USB 3 and has its own power supply. Also be aware that there are many cheap powered USB 3 hub being sold online that don't have electrical current back flow prevention. This can cause stability issues with your connected drives.

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