Launching a terminal app from command line
hi , typically there are at least two things going on;  1) a shell or program,  and 2) a terminal or gui.

Normally what folks want is a bash shell to run in a terminal ( notice the two things there , the shell and the terminal ).  There are usually two options that one specifies in this case:  1) do you want the shell or program to run in a terminal, and 2)  do you want to the terminal to close when the shell or program exits ?

So, you have two choices for Type:  Application   , or  Application in Terminal.

Then you have the name:   "Mate Terminal"

... then some comment like:   Use the Command Line

and then you have the name of the executable:   mate-terminal    or  /usr/bin/dash


For the Mate Terminal  folks usually specify type "Application" , name "Mate Terminal" , command  mate-terminal , and comment  "Use the Command Line"
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