MAC address changing
I like to used reversed ips and have my router assign the ip address based upon the MAC address of the network adapter.

So I find the IP address (172.16.90) assigned to the rock, and then assign an ip addressed to that MAC address. I reboot, and I can't ping it.  I look again and I see the Rock has now gotten again.  I figure I made a mistake so I create a new one.  The same thing happens.  I'm looking at my reservations and sure enough I'm seeing different mac addresses for "linaro-alip".  I SSH into the terminal and "ip a" confirms that I'm getting a different MAC address.

What is going on here?
Same happend to me.. When using some older releases. Try using minimal-mate 10. If that's not an option for you, "sudo apt-get install avahi-daemon", and you can find your rock at rock64.local.

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This has been covered in a couple of different threads already. The easy fix is to do the following :
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mtd3 (writes zero to SPI Flash)
reboot twice

That cures it for good, with no need to do anything else.

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