Rock64 crash randomly during usb 3 copy with RAID1 drive
I have been doing a lot of reading on USB and much is actually bad usb stack implementations on motherboards.
Usb 3.1 is supposedly even worse but we have a single board and have the ability to update usb compatibility in the kernel.
Without doubt USB hubs and adapters are a nightmare and they are not all the same.
Some devices have to go on a host port and will not work though a hub.
Finding what can and what can't seems to be very hard.
We do have a singular device and singular host port (3.0)

I do think though we might be able to find a combination that does work and is fit for purpose.

The chips in these things and the manufacturer / model is really important but we can at least aim for what would be the best and maybe get a working setup.

UASP is actually transparent over a hub and if you get problems its something to do with either the stack or adapter or the hub is just ropey anyway.
Dodgy connectors and power is a huge consideration as we have only 5Vdc of some extremely long and thin poor wiring with some shitty connectors.

I am sticking with usb3.0 and going to aim at a few manufactures and chips.
Sabrent & Anker seem to get good reviews.

The Sabrent usb3.0/sata adapter supports USAP and is a Asmedia 1351 chip and I think that is liked by the Armbuntu guys.

-PowerIQ-Charging-Samsung-Motorola-7-Ports-3/dp/B00VE4UJD4" target="_blank" rel="noopener" class="mycode_url"> (Vl812 Chipset) (Vl812 Chipset) (? Chipset) (JMS578 Chipset) (ASM1153E chipset)

(09-16-2017, 11:39 AM)ayufan Wrote: > Last question If I use one disk (no raid) with this USB port I will have better stability ?

Yes. This should work just fine.

You can consider having a slow backup/sync over USB2.0, but you should be careful using Hubs to provide more USB3-enabled ports as they are mostly unstable and can lead to data corruption.

Its the initial post that is puzzling me as actually that unit should work direct to host port.
Maybe try a software update on it?
They also have linux desktop software.

2nd post is USB3.1 and that is still problematic and from I have read at the moment 3.0 is a better bet until it beds in.
It is a single disk connected to the host port though Ayufan? It is 3.1 though.

Both are still direct to host port and not multi disk host RAID the terra-master should act like a single disk.

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