LibreELEC Krypton/Leia/Agile 64bit kernel 32bit libs
Hello, I've recently acquired a 4 gig Rock64 to replace my Cubox as my media center and was very happy to see that someone had made Libreelec available for my upcoming system, as I had honestly bought the Rock on a whim, without insuring that actual support existed. Unfortunately the problems I thought was related to an old dying system hasn't gone away. 

The issue in question is random reboots, often during music playback, but sometimes also just while simply going through menus. I'm pretty sure that the old system died do to overheating, so I bought a heatsink to go along with the new one, but the system still seems to reach 70' C + pretty often, so as a temporary measure, I installed a fan which resulted in a big drop in the average temperature to around 40' C, but to my surprise the problem persists. 

So I thought that maybe the old micro SD card might be at fault, but even after replacing it with a brand new card the 'random' crashes continues. On both systems I've used the official power supply that came with the unit.   

So I thought it was finally the time to get some outside help. It might not necessarily be related to the Rock64, but I thought I would get the most relevant help here and maybe what I learn could be useful to someone else or for the further development of the OS.

I don't know if it is of any help, but I've added the latest crashlog below.


UPDATE: After posting this comment I realized that the only thing I hadn't tested yet was my 2 terabyte hdd that is connected though a dock and as it turns out the problem seems to be gone after I removed it. I surface scan also seems to show that almost half of the sectors seems to be unreadable. So I guess I'm good for now.

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