How to Image an SD that contains a tweaked Linux Build
Not sure where this should go. Searched old posts. There was one from 11/2016 referring to writing one SD card's contents to another but didn't go very far. I didn't find much more info.

Step 1: Customize a mainline Debian Stretch build (or any build of choice).
Step 2. Save that customized build to an image on an external USB drive (or HDD)
Step 3. Test software installation, performance, try and break it.
Step 4: If build gets broken, restore the saved image without having to re-customize the mainline build.
Step 5: Rinse, repeat.

What I gather so far.
1. Can't use Clonezilla - it's for AMD64 or i386 and can't boot the Rock64 board to usb like a conventional "PC." Bummer but understandable.
2. Use partclone.dd (with extreme caution)?
3. Will partclone.dd image all 7 of the base Rock64 partitions? (I don't see an option for loader1, loader2 in the partclone usage info.
4. Do I need to retain all 7 of the base Rock64 partitions? Just partclone the fat16 boot partition and the ext4 root partition?

I'm guessing there are others that have spent many hours tweaking builds only to make a mistake and have to start over. I'm looking to be able to save time by getting back to a car that already has the engine humming before I soup it up, so to speak.
I don't have the serial cable (yet) so can't write the SD to an EMMC chip. Will eventually do that, from what I gather, the performance gain & longevity compared to SD is worth the price of the EMMC.

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