How to manage Wifi in xenial-i3 i3wm image UPDATE

I ran into a small glitch while trying to manage wifi connection on my new xenial image using the i3wm  tiling window manager;  my ubuntu-mate image connected fine ( same hardware ) but I could not get the connection to work using the cli wpa_supplicant that I am used to.

The solution is really simple , as it turns out;  use the cli version of Network-Manager !

First, I reinstalled Network-Manager;  you may not need to do this step :

       sudo apt isntall network-manager --reinstall

Then bring up the wlan0 interface :

       sudo ip link set wlan0 up      (optional)

and lastly start the connection with the nmcli tool :

       nmcli d wifi connect <ssid> password <passphrase>

That's it.


use these commands to monitor the connections:

       nmcli -p d

       nmcli -p c


       nmcli d wifi

The above command is similar to scanning; will show the available SSID in the area.

Once a connection is established the connection is persistent;  when you reboot the system it will attempt to establish that same connection again;  similar to the gui nm.

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