Used etcher to flash Micro SD card with latest android from pine64 version for Rock64. Will not boot. 
SD Card is good. Can flash debian jessie and it works fine. Any solutions? USING 1080P MONITOR. 
Tried differenty HDMI ports on the TV.
All ports are working.
I have a 64gb emmc ordered.
Finally got an image to boot. Got the circle that said erasing for about 5 minuets. Now
just has Pinecone and ROCK64 on display. Stays there, been about 5 minutes already.
What is the PSU rating ? what SD card are you using ? how did you flash the image ?
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(09-01-2017, 01:55 AM)Luke Wrote: What is the PSU rating ? what SD card are you using ? how did you flash the image ?

PSU is what I purchased from Pine64 when I ordered the Rock64. 5V @ 3 amps
SD Card is new, bought from Microcenter. Works on Rock64 with Debian Jessie
Flashed it using Etcher. Also tried Pine64 installer.
The Android buuidl always takes a while to initialize on first first. Depends on the microSD card performance, the initialization time can takes around 5 minutes to 15 minutes. After first boot, this boot time will back to normal around 20-30 seconds.

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