Brushless Fan (5v) for Rock64 Clear Case Soft PWM Drive 2N2222

The Rock64-A machine is cased in Dustin's C4Labs acrylic Zebra case ( Emerald ) .  The induction blower assembly is positioned behind the Zebra case, and the plastic insert on the power edge of the Zebra case has been removed.  Cool airflow is forced across the heatsink fins and is exhausted out the top via the gpio(s) port opening.

This is a more efficient system than the Rock64-B enclosure, as you can see by the health report(s). The fan assembly is mounted to a foam block ( very quiet ) which holds the induction blower at just the right height to match the opening.

I have been actively cooling my RPi(s) with this method for some time; its been a good system.
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