Dual Boot on eMMC?
Hi all - I just received my Pinebook yesterday and I have really enjoyed the couple of hours that I have had to mess around with it.  (Definitely pleased that I have not experienced any of the DHL cracked screen / dead pixel / wonky keyboard issues that people have been writing about.)  

I am still trying to get comfortable with the different OSes that are available to us and, after installing Android 6 and then flipping the machine back to Mate, I started wondering if anybody had given any thought to dual-booting the machine.  Would something like this be possible? 

Yeah, I suppose I could keep an SD card around and have one OS on it but, well, dual booting would be convenient.  

I have enjoyed reading the forum over the last couple of days as I waited for my machine to arrive.

Never thinked about dual boot. I will ask my brother if that could be possible. I will write today

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