Compiling and installing Wifi driver
A very encouraging discussion.  But when I see the timestamp.  OMG.  What hope can I have here?

I bought two rock64, 1G & 4G.

The 1G one is now serving as a NAS (both nfs and samba).  I used ayufan's stretch minimal image (5.15-136) and everything works fine in first trial.  The only hiccup I encountered was on apparmor, which looked like to me a kernel issue.

On the 4G one, I plugged an Atheros AR9271 network card.  "lsusb" can recognize it, "ip a" does not, "zcat /proc/config.gz" confirms it is a kernel issue.

So, "compiling kernel" should be something petty normal and standard for rock64 user.  To ARM newbie, u_boot is also new, with limited experience on git, a simple kernel compiling job becomes a nightmare!!
I did earn a "big picture" by reading odroid's wiki.  I have my kernel compiled (no error prompt), not installed yet, I want to test (need u_boot macro) it first, and I have tons of questions.

I believe I can solve my problems, just very slowly.  Hope wiki here will become "not sparse" earlier.

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