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wooden case for ROCK64
Hi !!

Two days ago, I received the ROCK64 board. (Thank TL LIM !! ) Heart

After checking that almost all connectors are located in the same place as a Raspberry Pi 3
 I have made some modifications of the model case I make for Rasperry Pi 3 and here I have the first enclosure made for Rock64...

Rock64 wooden case

Soon it will be available to Amazon for sale.

very nice Smile
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(08-24-2017, 09:05 AM)Luke Wrote: very nice Smile


I am now offering some units to sell at a discount on the Purse website (payments are made at BITCOINS)

To buy a wooden case for Rock64 and pay it on BTC.   Big Grin



I make one case to add the rock 64 audio DAC board..  thank to TL LIM and teapack members...
I have ready to make my first lot of rock 64 enclosures .
The sales are ready on next week, in
eBay , Amazon, PURSEIO   sites..

Hello everyone !

It seems that they are already available in AMAZON the first units of wooden case made
for ROCK64 and ROCK64 Audio DAC board. 

[Image: 51d4tnGX-yL.jpg]
[Image: 51TzvhLVB8L.jpg]

[Image: 51dYa3ogkbL.jpg]

In the order, it includes the 6 pieces of wood that form the enclosure.
They are not sanded or painted, that task left you to give a personal touch. Big Grin
4 sets of screws and nuts of 3 mm, for the assembly of the enclosure.
4 sets of screws and nuts of 2.5mm, to hold the Rock64 to the base.

I leave the amazon link
Wooden case for ROCK64 computer

We will send more soon !!

I await your suggestions

Thank you!!!!

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